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A Redstamp success story.

Hootsuite is an all-in-one social media management solution that helps businesses find and connect with their potential customers across every platform.

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From simple startup to the most popular social media management platform in the world, Hootsuite is a true success story. As they grew to new heights, they saw a need for additional bandwidth to let them remain agile and flexible in their marketing efforts—that's where Redstamp came in!

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Increasing conversions across
numerous initiatives.


When companies grow as large as Hootsuite, staying agile during problem solving can be a challenge. It was a problem that Phil Penneway, Senior Manager of Web Growth, was determined to avoid when he reached out to Redstamp in 2017.

"We were looking for someone to help us execute our optimization projects and bring a fresh perspective to the table" he says.

Phil knew that partnering with an agency would have two practical benefits for Hootsuite. First, it would allow his small team to tackle more projects and deliver results with faster turnaround.

"The work our team does is split between continual site optimization and larger scale projects, campaigns, and initiatives. Our team was working on so many things that at a certain point we couldn't get everything done because we just didn't have the resources" he says.

  • Hootsuite's Challenge Screen
  • Hootsuite's Challenge Screen
Hootsuite's Challenge Screen
Phil Penneway's Headshot

I really value the speed at which Redstamp works and their creativity. They help us push boundaries, which is exactly what I want when working with an agency like this.”

Phil Penneway Senior Manager of Web Growth
Hootsuite's Challenge Screen

Second, it would introduce a new problem-solving perspective. Coming up with creative solutions was especially important to the success of the Growth team's conversion optimization program.

"If you always stick within the four walls of your organization, you're going to miss out on creative solutions and the out-of-the-box thinking that an outside perspective brings” Phil explains.

Of course, the agency they hired would need to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively.

They found their solution in Redstamp.

"There aren't a lot of agencies that focus on Growth in SaaS like Redstamp. We considered a few other options but when we took a look at their background and their experience, it aligned really well with what we do at Hootsuite. It was a great fit,” Phil says.


Homepage variants optimized
to target key user groups.


The collaboration between Hootsuite and Redstamp was smooth from the get-go. Marley Bathe, Hootsuite's Web Strategist, was immediately impressed by Redstamp's thoughtful approach.

"From the beginning, Redstamp's founder was hands-on. He wanted to understand our business objectives, goals, and how they could help us most. It helped establish immediate trust” she says.

Hootsuite decided that their Growth team would come up with projects and strategies to drive success, which Redstamp would then help execute.

One of their bigger projects involved educating less technical- and social-media-savvy visitors about Hootsuite's product, and how it could help them.

"We put together a video that we wanted to test on our homepage to see if we could lift conversion rates” Phil says.

Hootsuite tasked Redstamp with figuring out how to feature that video on their homepage to get more leads in the funnel.

To solve that challenge, Redstamp mapped out each target group: new trial users, paid users, and large paid accounts. They used Google Analytics to identify trends. Then they did some whiteboarding to come up with a variety of tests before moving on to wireframing and early designs.

clever case study clever case study

All the while, they were in constant communication with Hootsuite—sharing updates and tests via a shared Slack channel. When it comes to client work, Redstamp believes in delivering a smooth experience with no surprises.

"They're like an extension of our team—easy to work with and talk to—but they bring an outside perspective to the table that drives innovation and efficiency” Marley explains.

In the end, Redstamp came up with four variations of the homepage that Hootsuite could launch and monitor for results. Hootsuite especially liked that every Redstamp deliverable included a few designs that were along the lines of what they requested and one out-of-the-box variant.

Hootsuite's Solution Screen
  • Hootsuite's Solution Screen
  • Hootsuite's Solution Screen
Marley Bathe's Headshot

They’re like an extension of our team—easy to work with and talk to—but they bring an outside perspective to the table that drives innovation and efficiency.”

Marley Bathe Web Strategist
Hootsuite's Solution Screen

“Redstamp came up with a number of homepage variations for us to test, ranging from more conservative to quite aggressive. We loved that outside lens—it gave us a window into things we wouldn’t have tried or even looked at before” Phil says.

“It was refreshing to see other design practices and to get a glimpse of what they’re doing with their other partners” Marley agrees.

Hootsuite ran an A/B test to determine which page led to the best results, and it wasn’t long before they were able to pinpoint the top performer.

“We ended up landing on two different variants, and then we rolled out the one that had the best lift for our homepage conversions. It was a big success” Phil says.


Higher conversions and
faster turnaround.


Today, Hootsuite and Redstamp enjoy a close, productive relationship that benefits both sides.

The homepage project that Hootsuite and Redstamp collaborated on was a tremendous success, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

“We had a 30% lift in Team Trials, and a 17% lift in MQL conversion rates from the homepage” Phil elaborates.

Of course, that project is just one of the many that they worked on together—and most have enjoyed similar incremental gains.

Results chart for hootsuite
  • Hootsuite's Results Screen
  • Hootsuite's Results Screen

We had a 30% lift in Team Trials, and a 17% lift in MQL conversion rates from the homepage.”

Phil Penneway Senior Manager of Web Growth
Hootsuite Results Screen

But while the results are impressive, it was all the small ways that Redstamp helped the Growth team throughout each of the projects they collaborated on that made the biggest impression on Marley.

“From mediation to strategy to execution, we partnered with them early in the process and we’d work alongside them for the entire lifespan of the project” she says.

“Redstamp always delivered—no matter whether we needed a new marketing tool for our site, something to generate leads for our commercial team, or just something small scale that we needed flipped back by the end of the day” she adds.

Phil, Marley, and the entire Growth team value their partnership with Redstamp and the results they’ve been able to achieve by working as one team instead of two separate groups.

“I really value the speed at which Redstamp works, and their creativity. They help us push boundaries, which is exactly what I want when working with an agency like this” Phil says.

“They allowed us to take on new initiatives faster and at a higher volume, and they gave us a fresh set of eyes and new ideas that we could use to improve all of our projects” Marley agrees.

They’ve built up so much trust that now Hootsuite thinks of Redstamp less like a third-party agency, and more as a strategic partner. Phil is looking forward to discovering what their continued collaboration will yield in the future.

“When we first brought Redstamp onboard, our team drove the strategies and they helped us execute the projects. Now, they’re helping us come up with ideas as well—new things we never considered looking at or trying. I think that’s where the biggest evolution is coming” he says.

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