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How we elevated ITRenew’s brand to top-dollar acquisition status.

Tech titans are rarely known for championing environmental responsibility, but ITRenew has always dared to challenge the status quo. Pioneering the circular economy, it raised sustainability standards globally with its data sanitization and decommissioning services. Sesame, ITRenew’s new product, sought to revolutionize IT infrastructure by giving a second life to outbound hardware.

But for Sesame to be successful, ITRenew would have to introduce and own a new concept in a legacy industry. ITRenew needed to ensure this new concept would not just be understood, but embraced by the market.

Redstamp came in to craft a brand and web strategy for both Sesame and ITRenew—launching a new product and story under a refreshed parent brand with maximum impact.

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Finding industry white space with archetypal branding.

Redstamp began by conducting a thorough competitive audit to unearth white space in the market. By diving deep into competitors’ language, themes, and branding, Redstamp created a map to visualize messaging gaps that ITRenew could fill.

We discovered that most companies in the IT space focused their messaging on either avoiding pain or providing power. Few focused on creating impact—which is what we learned target audiences actually want. Looking at where white space intersected with audience motivation was fertile ground for ITRenew’s brand personality to lay its claim.

Using an archetypal branding strategy, we personified ITRenew as the Explorer, with Sesame fitting into the brand story as the complementary Seeker subarchetype. Through these personas, we connected two seemingly unrelated concepts—financial prosperity and positive environmental impact—and then implicitly aligned them into one cohesive verbal and visual identity.

IT Renew showing an graphic of 'The Explorer'
messaging strategy

Aligning the technical with the accessible.

The messaging for both Sesame and ITRenew had three jobs to do: educate, align with circularity, and speak to sustainability and accessibility. Redstamp distilled the company’s information into these buckets to craft a cohesive brand story.

While ITRenew had a tech-literate audience, the concept and benefits of repurposing IT assets were relatively unknown. To prove Sesame’s value, we had to simplify complex concepts to bring the product’s advantages to the forefront, while honoring the intelligence of the audience

Align with circularity:
The circular economy is based on three pillars: eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials at their highest value, and regenerate nature. By adopting these principles, Sesame created a new standard for data technology, grounded in sustainability. We positioned Sesame as a proof point for the value of the circular economy by showing that financial prosperity could be synonymous with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Speak to sustainability:
Environmental responsibility is a growing requirement for many organizations, but high-quality tech often comes first. Within organizations, friction arose between the desire to support sustainability and the unwillingness to compromise on the high-quality hardware. By putting value at the top of our messaging hierarchy, with sustainability as support, we positioned Sesame as the obvious solution that empowers organizations to achieve both growth and sustainability goals.

IT Renew detailed wireframe of website

“Having someone who could take the somewhat convoluted concepts and give it back to me in a straightforward form that held true to the value and sentiment I wanted to convey, that was my favorite part. And the end result speaks to that. That is a sign of strong storytelling.”

Headshot of Rhonda
Rhonda Walker
CMO | ITRenew
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Visual Brand Design

Bringing sustainable tech to life.

Since Sesame was such a new idea in the IT world, Redstamp’s main visual challenge was encouraging prospects to explore Sesame as a viable solution. To do so, we applied the same strategy of simplifying the complex nuances of an entirely new idea within the tech world to create an easy-to-understand, intuitive visual identity.

IT Renew Ad CampaignIT Renew Trade show boothIT Renew Collateral
Lead Generation

Simplifying tech through interactivity.

But with such a unique product, traditional touchpoints weren’t enough to convey Sesame’s value—we needed an interactive experience to grab prospects’ attention. To showcase Sesame’s bespoke and scalable capabilities, we created Workload Explorer: an educational, custom product interface that also acted as a sneaky sales tool.

Workload Explorer invited users to plug in their unique needs from a wide range of categories. In return, they received a customized solution overview that showed how Sesame addressed their unique IT challenges.

Behind the scenes, this became a powerful sales enablement tool, both on the website and in person at trade shows. When users shared their contact info to receive their custom product spec sheet, that same sheet was sent to the sales team, providing a clear picture of each prospect’s needs to create a more personalized sales experience.

The results

Elevating a brand to top-dollar acquisition


acquisition by Iron Mountain a year after the rebrand launch


in trailing 12-month revenue in 2020-2021

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