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How we helped Volition tap into their user personas to create a magnetic, engineer-woo-ing website and launch a first-of-its-kind marketplace.

In March 2022, Volition was ready to launch out of stealth mode with its proprietary tool, a digital aggregator for the industrial components market.

But while Volition’s product was ready, the company needed a website—and a brand—to go to market. To build an online presence that matched the tool's ease of use and sophistication, Volition turned to Redstamp.

In just over a month, we crafted an efficient, design-forward website on Webflow, enriched with ownable and distinct imagery that’s memorable and enticing to an audience that craves both detail and simplicity.

A sitemap of Volition's websiteVolition mobile sitemap

Webflow makes the launch go.

The goal was clear: encourage engineers and procurement teams to sign up for the beta version of the product and attract more vendors to join the marketplace.

Drawing from our experience working with emerging B2B tech and SaaS companies, Redstamp recognized that speed to delivery was critical for a successful beta launch. However, based on our previous work on Volition’s product UI and UX, we also knew speed couldn't come at the expense of the high-quality design and functional precision Volition's engineering audience would expect. The website needed to be user-friendly, simple for Volition's team to update, and crafted as a quick-win solution that could serve as a strong opening move toward an eventual full-product release.

To achieve this, we built Volition's website on Webflow. This no-code website development platform prioritizes visuals and empowers Volition's team to easily manage their own site on the backend.


Creating a visual web strategy.

Once the website platform was selected, it was time to tackle the strategy. Volition shared the types of pages they wanted to include across the website, which we then translated into wireframes that break the content down into intuitive chunks. We prioritized a visually unified brand story to communicate who Volition is in the clearest way possible while staying focused on the user experience. 

Screenshots of web page wireframes

Create, iterate, repeat.

Bringing Volition’s visual identity to life required a deep understanding of its user persona. As engineers, Volition’s audience is inherently detail-oriented, with an appreciation for diagrams and 3D renderings. We created a custom series of conceptual illustrations that demonstrated the product benefits in a consumable, easy-to-understand way.

A starting sketch for an illustrationIcon illustrations with a magnifying glassIllustrations of a rocket ship

To ensure a compelling presentation of the products, we developed a pseudo-screenshot style highlighting each product in action and emphasizing its technical details. This approach lets us concentrate on specific features and effectively showcase the product's capabilities. Custom iconography reinforces Volition's visual storytelling, maintains visual continuity, and helps guide users throughout the website.

Altogether, our detailed design features, striking use of Volition's primary blue color, and angled shapes encourage user engagement and exploration of Volition’s growing marketplace.

An illustration to showcase a website's search functionalityIllustration of an order screen2 rows of 4 icons across2 rows of 4 icons across
The results

High-impact design, on a short timeline.

“We've been working with Redstamp for years for the perfect mix of fast, high-quality work. We had a tight deadline for a total site redesign before a major launch, and this team delivered a great site really quickly. Our customers and investors are always complimenting and inquiring about who made it, and that really speaks to the quality of Redstamp’s work.”

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Nick Pinkston
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