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Plucky underdog who?

Enterprise SaaS
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San Francisco, CA

How we helped Nitro redefine themselves and compete with industry heavyweights.

In late 2020 Nitro was on the precipice of major growth. They were close to completing several  key acquisitions that could bring their technology into equal position with the likes of Adobe and DocuSign, but one nagging problem remained: Nitro’s outdated, generic, and fractured brand wasn’t connecting to the market and couldn’t hold a candle to industry supergiants. Enter Redstamp.

Over the course of 8 months, Redstamp aligned the Nitro team around a new vision for their identity – and launched a prize-fighter PDF brand into a global spotlight.

Nitro Animation

We began by simply listening – to our stakeholders and to the market.

Through our brand and strategy workshops, we helped the Nitro leadership team uncover and rally around the essential DNA present in their products, services, and employees.

By combining these insights with the data we had gathered from analyzing competitors' brands and prominent messages, we began to craft a new personality that could speak to the heart of the Nitro team while grappling with the crowded reality of the market.

Nitro ImageNitro ImageNitro Image

Speed, progress, and ambition – we infused every pixel, word, and color with the dynamic energy at the heart of Nitro’s product and team.

Taking visual and verbal cues usually reserved for athletic brands, we brought a bold new entity to life through a rigorously designed visual system, and an easy-to-execute messaging strategy. We transformed Nitro into a rebellious hero – intent on shaking up the status quo for the good of knowledge workers everywhere.

By positioning Nitro as the antithesis to expensive, bloated, and slow-to-deploy entrenched competitors, we were able to exploit unclaimed whitespace in the market and gain attention from prospects curious about switching from their current solution.

Nitro ImageNitro ImageNitro ImageNitro ImageNitro ImageNitro Image

Now that we had a bold new personality established, it was time to leverage its full power via a modernized digital experience.

Beginning at the foundation, we flowed from content strategy, to wireframes, to fully realized copy and page design – completely flipping the website within 3 months of project onboarding.

By systemizing our UI and illustrative componentry, remaining loyal to our messaging strategy, and fully integrating into Nitro’s ecosystem we were able to move fast without sacrificing quality. The result? Hierarchies that guide, visuals that communicate, and messages that convert.

“The look and feel is a part of the perception of trust. It takes a lot of work to build trust. The site is modern and aesthetically pleasing, talks to the right things... I would put this in the consideration set as DocuSign CLR.”

Qualitative user-interview
Nitro ImageNitro ImageNitro Image
Demand Gen

Post-launch, Redstamp moved quickly into a brand-support role – helping Nitro capitalize on the momentum the brand and web launch had sparked.

We shifted into demand-gen mode, launching attention-grabbing digital campaigns, unique lead magnets, and interest-piquing sales decks into a now-hungry market.

Nitro ImageNitro ImageNitro ImageNitro ImageNitro ImageNitro ImageNitro ImageNitro Image
The results

Big money, big growth, and one happy client


increase in ARR in 2021


growth in subscription
revenue in 2021


million active subscriptions
by years end

“When I think of the last 8 months the one word that keeps coming up is a partnership. Great agencies show up to the table with a partnership mindset, they’re open to solving really hard problems that haven’t been solved before. Shoutout to Redstamp’s operating philosophy of showing up as one team.”

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Brad Hill
VP of Marketing
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