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How we helped Vecna Robotics command the narrative, define an industry, and launch a digital destination worthy of their innovation.

In December of 2021, Vecna Robotics, an award-winning autonomous technology innovator, had momentum on their side: Their solution was a panacea for the supply chain chaos that dominated global headlines, they had completed a much-needed rebrand, and the company was buoyed by a successful series-C funding round. The iron was hot; it was time to strike and pursue a significant growth play in the North American market.

However, one major hurdle remained. Vecna’s most valuable tool for mass communication—the website—was underperforming and long out of date. Vecna’s small but mighty five-person marketing team knew they lacked the bandwidth and specialized expertise to get the site into peak form, but letting this key property continue to languish was not an option.

Over the next eight months, Redstamp integrated into Vecna’s team to architect, design, populate, and launch a new marquee digital destination that could increase deal size, drive qualified leads, and position Vecna as the leading voice in the emerging automation sector.

Green and blue data pyramids

Transforming a troubling diagnosis into a promising strategy.

During initial discovery workshops, Vecna’s sales team described how often they encountered sales-derailing misinformation during prospect conversations. The frequency of these misunderstandings in the early stages of the sales journey indicated that the current site was not educating prospects at the top and middle of the sales funnel.

In a relatively new category like robotics, Redstamp saw this lack of early clarity as a dire issue: With no established industry axioms to fall back on, prospects were left to fill the gaps with assumptions based on competitors' messaging, prior bad experiences, or polarizing media commentary.

Audits of Vecna’s site, SEO standing, and their competitors revealed several issues impacting the site’s effectiveness as a communication tool. The site’s flat information architecture was not serving prospects at the top of the funnel, uncategorized resource articles dominated the content mix, and an over-reliance on gated assets strangled the user journey at critical junctures.

To remedy these problems, Redstamp pursued a new site strategy: We would establish a deep information architecture that prioritises user understanding. We would fill that architecture with a rich and balanced content mix to increase the quality and quantity of organic traffic and support user comprehension at all stages of the funnel–from awareness to decision.

Pie chartscolourful competitive analysis chart
UX strategy and design

Communicating value in every vocabulary.

Vecna’s autonomous robotic solutions are highly technical, but their target audience is not uniformly savvy. To serve a varied audience better, Redstamp wanted to present information at multiple levels of complexity and detail, all within a single condensed space.

Redstamp built content blocks that pair punchy value-driven messages with hard statistics, bulleted lists, and detailed specs and descriptions. This structure helps Vecna entice prospects who are less familiar with automation by getting them acquainted with the potential outcomes of their solutions while serving more informed decision makers with the specific technical information needed to qualify the solution.
We also enhanced usability and cranked up site delight. We introduced compelling information snippets in the nav, designed a robust and searchable blog, and created an interactive ROI calculator to make information discovery a more engaging and rewarding experience.

Vecna Robotics assetsVecna navigation screenshotVecna Robotics designsA screen shot of a website's resource page
brand application and content creation

Making a splash by leveraging the power of personality.

Our competitive audit revealed most of Vecna’s contemporaries were utilizing a more technical and generic look and tone. We pursued a strategy that would differentiate Vecna from the pack while increasing engagement with our content.

Redstamp stripped all jargon from the copy—forgoing the dry technical tone ubiquitous with competitors in favor of an enthusiastic human voice that provoked action. We paired this voice with slick and sophisticated imagery—creating a series of diagram-esque illustrations that demonstrate the autonomous robot’s complex movements within material handling workflows, in consumable easy-to-understand-images

A top down illustration of a robot moving through a warehouseAn illustration of robots moving through a warehouse
Illustrations of robot workflow components
The results

One-year post-launch impact.


increase in sessions


increase in users


increase in conversions

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