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Since its inception over 20 years ago, The Larkin Company has stood out for transforming employee experiences with its bespoke leave and disability administration, along with customized benefits programs.

Known for its highly personal, one-to-one service, Larkin excels in supporting employees through their most challenging moments. However, Larkin's digital presence struggled to adequately reflect the empathetic, personalized service that sets it apart in a competitive market. In 2021, recognizing the need to align its online persona with its distinctive approach, Larkin enlisted Redstamp to refresh its brand.

This strategic rebrand was designed to not only revamp Larkin's digital footprint but also to reinforce its status as a progressive, reliable partner to some of Silicon Valley’s more influential companies. Together, we've reimagined Larkin’s brand identity to highlight its evolution and readiness to meet the future needs of both employees and employers alike.

Brand Definition

Discovering the heart of Larkin

In our collaborative workshops, Redstamp worked closely with Larkin’s in-house team, seamlessly integrating members from ground staff to the C-suite. Together, we delved deep into the core of Larkin’s identity, aligning diverse perspectives to unearth the company’s unique differentiators. This strategic unity helped us craft a distinct brand persona that charts Larkin’s path to its ideal future state.

Using an archetypal branding strategy, we identified Larkin as the “Citizen”, an archetype that champions the belief that every individual matters and is welcomed exactly as they are. By adopting this archetype, Larkin taps into a deep-rooted sense of community and belonging, resonating with an audience that values inclusivity and support. This approach not only aligns Larkin’s services with these core human desires but also positions the brand as a trusted partner that truly understands and cares. The authenticity and equity at the heart of the Citizen archetype allow Larkin to forge stronger, more meaningful relationships, ensuring that each interaction is felt as genuine and personal.

The Citizen archetype also shaped Larkin's brand ladder, serving as the cornerstone of its comprehensive brand strategy. By categorizing Larkin's values, we clarified both the tangible and intangible benefits the company provides, crafting a brand that resonates more deeply on an emotional level but also stands out in a market often missing the warmth and empathy crucial to this type of service experience. Through this structured approach, we've been able to highlight how Larkin meets the expectations of leave and disability management while also exceeding them in ways that honor their humanistic nature, further distinguishing Larkin in a competitive landscape.

LOGO Refresh

Unveiling kinship

This archetypal alignment with customer values and priorities further streamlined internal decision-making and strategy, such as refreshing the Larkin logo. As a family-owned company, Larkin naturally embraces its family name to infuse the personal touch into its brand, and the team initially wanted a simple font improvement to enhance the friendliness of its logo. However, to ensure that Larkin’s presentation to the world is authentic to its identity, we guided them toward a concept centered around kinship.

Emphasizing the “kin” in Larkin, our goal was to instill a sense of warmth and familiarity into the logo, reflecting the family-oriented nature of the company. The resulting logo, named Kinship, embodies the spirit of connection and community that runs through Larkin at every stage. Subtle elements, such as a gentle smile beneath “kin,”  further illustrate the warm and approachable “Citizen” persona that differentiates Larkin from its competitors.

LarkinLarkinLarkin Logo iteration

Authentic, human connection in action

Larkin's brand identity came to life through two unique stylescapes: “Everyday Empathy,” which conjures a feeling of calm and reliability, and “Human Connection,” capturing an essence of authenticity and vitality. The latter resonated more deeply with Larkin's brand principles.

At its heart, "Human Connection" embodies the personalized support Larkin extends to both clients and employees. This theme is brought to life through the use of impactful photography that documents genuine, heartfelt moments between individuals. These images serve as a visual testimony to Larkin’s deep commitment to being a supportive partner during the entire leave process, providing reassurance and stability during significant times of need.

To further nurture a trusted bond with its audience, Larkin’s visual identity needed a balance of empathy and optimism. The brand’s warm, welcoming nature is expressed through a cheerful yellow, with a whimsical, curved line weaving through various brand elements to unify the design. Complementary secondary colors, like soothing blue and earthy sand tones, add a layer of calm and stability to the design, rounding out the experience.

To best illustrate Larkin’s hands-on approach to leave and disability management, we chose a humanistic, hand-drawn line style for Larkin’s iconography. These icons required extra care and attention from our design team, but the outcome was more than worth it. For us, a scalable set of hand-drawn icons was the best way to quickly communicate the hands-on approach to leave and disability management Larkin is known for.


Fueling sales through voice and messaging

After activating the brand, we boosted Larkin's profile through a customized content strategy with two primary objectives: to captivate Larkin's existing audience with relevant, high-value content, and to attract new clients with insightful, informative materials that showcase Larkin’s depth of expertise and dedication to superior service.

Perfectly aligned with Larkin's refreshed brand identity, each piece of content, from concise one-pagers to in-depth sales decks, reflects Larkin’s fundamental qualities of warmth, empathy,  and authoritative expertise. This seamless integration of visual and verbal messaging has markedly enhanced Larkin's brand appeal, building a strong foundation of trust and credibility with their audience.

Our comprehensive overhaul of Larkin’s content strategy has been instrumental in driving growth. By curating a continuous flow of targeted, captivating content, we've empowered Larkin to deepen existing client relationships, as well as attract and efficiently convert new prospects, streamlining their path to engagement and fostering more rapid, straightforward conversions.


Enhancing user experience and clarity

Once the external brand came to life, our focus shifted towards refining Larkin's user experience. Collaboratively, Redstamp and Larkin pinpointed two critical areas within the employee portal and app that needed enhancement: the onboarding experience and the to-do list functionality.

To improve the onboarding process, we designed a more nurturing introduction for new users. This involved integrating engaging videos that greet employees upon their first login. These videos help them understand how Larkin supports their leave process, answering common questions and providing the essential insights they need for taking leave. For continuous support, these resources are readily available in the portal for employees to revisit whenever necessary.

For the to-do list, our goal was to simplify how employees navigate the steps to initiate leave. We first established a clearer hierarchy within the list, differentiating between actionable tasks and essential resources. We then overhauled user flow and revitalized the calls to action to clearly identify tasks as incomplete or complete. By providing clear guidance to employees during crucial and potentially challenging times, we’ve made the leave journey more intuitive and straightforward.

Larkin Larkin Website being browsed by womanLarkin To Do List on mobile
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