Community First: Redstamp’s Commitment To Locally Sourced Vendors

At Redstamp, we remain committed to using our resources and talents to drive positive change on both local and global scales. We believe any positive impact starts with community. As we strive towards obtaining our B Corp Certification, Redstamp is committed to ensuring that at least 50% of our suppliers are independent and local based (—and within 80 kilometers of our operations). Below is a list of some of our locally-sourced partners that continuously support our company and strengthen our community through their services.

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August 24, 2022
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Beacon HR

Behind every great team is a great group of people. At Redstamp, we hold and value the mantra that our people are our strength and that a people-first approach to business is what makes a team strong and company culture rich. A human resources consultancy based in Vancouver, BC, Beacon HR supports our people operations team to ensure our Redstampers receive the highest quality of care and support, so that they can put their best foot forward. Beacon HR first partnered with Redstamp in 2020. Helping us navigate the unprecedented challenges brought by COVID-19, Beacon HR provided our people operations team with executive-level support and oversight, helping oversee programs like recruitment marketing and performance management.

Ook Enterprises

Quality IT support is a crucial asset to any business in today’s digital-first world. Ook Enterprises supports Redstamp with all things IT to ensure our operations move smoothly and soundly. Serving the Greater Vancouver area, Ook is a technology and IT managed services firm committed to helping small and medium businesses with their technology needs.

Simply Computing

A remote team requires top-of-the-line technology to bring ideas to life. All of Redstamp's office supplies and tools, from laptops, keyboards, monitors, and everything in between, are supplied by Western Canada-based Simply Computing. Serving clients across the country for over 30 years, Simply Computing remains committed to providing clients with Apple products and tech support in a professional and accessible manner.


Redstamp turns to Vancouver-based law firm, Ink LLP as a trusted source for all things legal. Bringing decades of experience in business and technology, Ink LLP operates under the mission of providing "strategic counsel to high-growth companies and those that build them."

Sprout Accounting

Any successful business operation requires some number crunching to get things done. The team at Sprout Accounting provides Redstamp with years of experience in the accounting and tech industries to help us with just that. Sprout believes that "accounting and bookkeeping should be as automated and seamless as possible, and technology is a tool that helps businesses run lean and grow.” From start-ups, media companies, to agencies like ourselves, Sprout takes pride in working businesses based in Canada’s west coast.

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