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Company / August 16, 2017

Transparency, Efficiency, and The Future

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Announcing a more efficient, transparent way to bill projects. Because surprises are best reserved for birthdays.

As automation and artificial intelligence become more familiar parts of everyone’s marketing workflows, jobs simply won’t take as much time as they used to.

The future will be all about making things as efficient as possible. And at Redstamp, we always have one eye on the future.

Which is why we're excited to adopt our new flat billing rate!

Going forward, there’ll be no complicated pricing breakdowns. No tough choices about what services to include and what to leave out to fit your budget. Everything we do here at Redstamp will be included at one hourly rate.

That’s right. We’re adopting a flat hourly rate for everything we do.

What can we say? We’re always looking for a better way to do things (we’re innovators by nature!) and we saw a huge opportunity to improve the way we bill for our time. Flat-rate billing just makes sense.

It streamlines the preplanning process, since our clients won’t have to pick and choose from a list of available services. And it makes it easy for us to scale our services up or down as a client’s needs change from month to month.

Flat billing sets us free to do our best work, because it’ll be easier for us to iterate on a project and make changes that lead to the best possible product. We can add or remove features while we work, without having to quote prices for each individual step along the way.

We’ll continue to provide our trademark exceptional service, doing whatever’s needed for as many projects as you want, and we’ll simply bill based on the number of hours needed. We’re adopting this across the board - there aren’t even fixed costs for things that take a short amount of time.

It’s all part of our dedication to transparency.

We want there to be absolute transparency in everything we do, every step of the way. That means eliminating the barriers between our clients and ourselves whenever possible. We're proud to be one of the only agencies who can actually list our rate on our website, which is a huge step in the right direction.

We’re also transparent in the way we communicate with our clients, and in the processes we use. When we work with a client, we operate as a part of the team, not as some outside resource. We integrate with whatever tools our client prefers, adapting to their existing methods of communication and project management.


All of our chat logs and emails are available for our clients to view

Clients can look up a project’s status at any time to see exactly who it’s with and how far along it is. All of our notes, discussions, and other communications are an open book as well. Even our brainstorming and other “pre-work” is available for sharing, so our clients can see exactly where an idea started and how it developed into a finished product.

This unparalleled access helps us do the best possible work for our customers. We get rid of communications barriers and embrace transparency to make it easier for us to meet our clients’ exact goals. Plus we just think it’s the right thing to do. Why work with an agency that keeps secrets from you?

We’re excited to launch our new site and new pricing structure, breaking ground in what we see as a whole new way of doing business.

We believe that our hourly pricing structure and dedication to transparency will become the new normal for creative agencies in the near future. We’re staying ahead of the curve by starting now.

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